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Percentage that interview?



What percentage of programs, I know this is a broad question but lets say in the Social Sciences, do interviews before making admissions decisions?

On these forums you get the impression that interviews are always a part of the process, but I've had department heads and program directors tell me they never do interviews before they more or less know they want to admit someone.  I've been admitted to one program so far, and I talked to them on the phone, but the decision had really already been made.


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This highly depends on what type of program you're applying for. I applied for clinical psychology PhD programs where it's pretty much a standard requirement. I have a friend who applied for a masters in social work where that's not the norm for most of her programs. Honestly, a program's FAQ might be the best bet for figuring this out. The clinical psych PhD ones almost always have some question related to interviews (almost always, can I make my own one if I'm not invited? Answer: No. Please stop bothering us. There are too many of you.) that make the process pretty clear. 

I'd double check the program's website, but if you'd like to know more about that program (congrats, by the way!) it may not hurt to ask if you can visit/tour the program.

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