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Hunter social work grad school applications


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I began my OYR grad school of social work application in december. OYR agency form completed, completing my application 2/4. Still waiting for an interview, decision, something. Anyone else heard from Hunter in regards to fall 2019 application? Preferably OYR track. 

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On 3/13/2019 at 10:17 AM, Stephanie592 said:

Hello! I applied to OYR as well. About 2 weeks ago my status changed to "pending interview" but I have yet to receive any message or email so I'm still waiting as well!

Im still patiently waiting. I called and was told decisions typically take 5-6 weeks. Tomorrow makes 6 weeks. 

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Hi I applied for the OYR method as well on the deadline march 1st, everything completed, recommendations and agency form by 3/20. I was notified about an interview a week later and had the interview April 10th. Haven't heard a decision yet. Now I'm impatiently waiting.

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