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Art Admin Fellowship before MA in Art History?


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Hi there, 


I am trying to move out of my administrative role in the development department at an independent school, and move into a role in the arts. This is partly because my current role is considered entry-level (not communicated at all in the interview process), and my brain is atrophying. All of my prior professional experiences are in the arts so this is no giant leap, however, it has been very difficult to even get an interview with most colleges or companies. I have a phone interview for a two-year arts admin fellowship that would give me some much welcome experience working in public arts programming within a collegiate setting. However, the grant-funded compensation is very minimal. I will continue with the interview process but wonder if this is an intelligent move on my part. I'm dragging myself through my current role but am trying to avoid any desperate moves to escape. I am seriously thinking of quitting outright for my own sanity.

There is another curatorial assistant job that I really want but assume that applicants with a BA in art history will be prioritized over my studio art background.

Any thoughts to whether job experience will be of help to me as a future MA applicant? 

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