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Military Psych Questions


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I’m considering going the military psych route and applying for the HPSP with the Army, Air Force, or Navy. For those who have gone this route, especially “lifers” who stay military psychologists after their initial 3-year commitment following their APA internship, I’ve got a few questions. Or, if you know someone who has gone this route and can speak for them, please let me know. Thanks!


1. Did you apply for internship only at military sites?

2. Did you do your internship at a site different from your initial HPSP branch of service? (for instance, if you received the HPSP scholarship through the Air Force, but ended up at Tripler Army Base)

3. Where have you been stationed thus far during your career?

4. How frequently could a lifer expect to deploy during a 20-year career? Is there large variation for how long/often combat zone deployments take place between the Army, Air Force, and Navy?

5. Were you clinical or counseling PhD, or PsyD?

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