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ole miss speech pathology

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did anyone get an email from ole miss about "confirmation for open house on March 22'? I haven't received a decision yet and was wondering!!

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17 hours ago, ButlerW said:

I did! and I live all the way in Georgia, so I kinda don't wanna drive all the way there if I'm going to get a rejection letter the very next day! lol

My roommate got accepted and the email said that march 22 was an open house for those accepted!! im trying not to be too hopeful lol

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On 3/19/2019 at 4:52 PM, Alex D. said:

I haven't gotten an acceptance letter yet but got an email about the open house so im confused!!

SO I ended up emailing the people who emailed us to begin with about the open house and explained our confusion and all the replied with is "you are certainly welcome to attend." So it didn't answer my question at all! I still haven't heard anything, but I wish thy would atlas g ahead and tell people who are rejected they're rejected because then if I feel in that category atleast I would know not to hold out for the Waitlist! 

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