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Transitioning from Neuroscience to BME


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Hey everybody,


So I'm a senior at a top 10 public university graduating this year with a degree in Neurobiology. I've been involved in research since my freshman year and applied to PhD programs in neuroscience this year. Although I interviewed at a few places, I realize that I actually want to pursue more of a BME track, specially focusing on electrophysiology for my PhD. I was planning on working at a BME lab at Stanford or UCSF for 2 years and then reapplying for my PhD, and just wondering if anybody else had gone this route and be successful. 


A little more about me, I'll be graduating with a 3.34 GPA, I have taken 2 BME upper div classes and gotten As. However I also took Differential Equations and Linear algebra in the same quarter and got Cs in both because of other family stuff going on. I would prefer not to do masters because of the cost associated with it, do you think it's possible for me to get into a good BME school with research experience alone? Thank you for the help!

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