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Art History Prerequisite Courses: Does it matter where I earn credit?


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I plan to start the application process in a few years but need to take additional course work in Art History before applying to a program. So far, I've taken one online course through my alma mater that has been very intellectually fulfilling. I wish to continue taking courses over the summer, and, ideally in person. So far, I haven't found a nearby college offering summer courses in art history. I've only found an online course from BU that is extremely high in cost. This brings to mind a question I've been meaning to ask the forum: does it matter where I earn additional college credits? I have been researching courses at the schools I wish to apply to, with little luck. Also, community college courses are much more affordable but I'm not sure credits earned there would help my standing. 

Does anyone have thoughts?


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I think it would probably depend at least partly on what programs you’re looking at. I would imagine that some programs might not find community college courses sufficient as a precursor to graduate study. But I’ve also never been in your position, so please take this with a grain of salt! 

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