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Waitlisted for York University's Critical Disability Studies MA Program



Hey guys,

I'm playing the wretched waiting game, with a sinking heart. This is my dream program. Wondering if anyone out there has been in my position for this specific program and what the outcome was for you?

I'm worried that because it is such a niche program, I can't imagine any applicants declining and opening up spots on the waitlist. Even then, there is no guarantee that they'd pick me.

Thank you for reading!

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I am working on my Master's of Education in Educational Foundations at the University of Saskatchewan. While researching, I have discovered that I want to get a Doctorate in Critical Disability Studies. As far as I know, York is the only place in Canada I can do it. I am dismayed to hear that it might be a struggle to get into the program if that is where I decide to apply. I would love to go to the University of Sheffield in England because a lot of the research I am interested in has been done there. The tuition is too high and I could never afford it. I am not sure where else I could even look at. Have you discovered other options? Toronto is frightening to me. I would be much more comfortable on the West coast. May I ask what is drawing you to the program? For me, it's because I am autistic. Autism is prevalent in my family. 

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