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Claim : in any field- business, politics, education, government- those in power should step down after five years.

Most position in power, whether it is business, politics, education, or government, have a certain term that the person can run for, after the term is over, the person steps down from the position, with or without consent. One might argue as to why they don’t do it as long as they desire to, or they are qualified to. It turns out that there are many sophisticated reasoning behind adopting this kind of policies in democratic countries. While the claim is provincial in that it restricts itself for a term of five years, the idea of disallowing people from taking high power position forever seem reasonable.

Presidency is one very powerful example of power. One term of presidency usually lasts no more than 6 years in democratic societies, and there are many reasons for why that is the case. Upon studying why corruptions occur from people with powerful positions, researchers found out that human's tendency of cunningness and the person's knowledge of the system that is to be exploited play a significant role in determining whether there will be a corruption. While there is not much can be done about the innate trait of human that is to be trickery, there is lots of things that can be done to inhibit person's knowledge and way-around of the system. Don't let that person run the system for so long. There are studies showing how many years into the term politicians fell prone to bribery, and they mostly likely occurred at least 2 years after their inauguration.

Also, any position of power comes with selection process, and there is no powerful argument that who gets selected is always a qualified person for the job. Impeachment of presidents and resignation administrators of education or political high power are solid examples of why some people aren’t qualified for the job although being believed to be in the first place. And there are many cases where although a person is found to be unqualified for the job, there is no legitimate grounds as to release the person off the duty. A good way to ensure that the unqualified person to step down from the job can be by simply restricting the duration of the job, as they sign to do it.

From a hard fact that some people, including some people of power, will always contrive a way to exploit unfairly, adoption of idea that no person runs a position of power more than several years is an inevitable choice in democratic process. After all, dictators of dystopian societies including Hitler of Germany and Kim of North Korea, are some profound examples of the opposite. And they all clearly points out to one idea : don’t let a person of power run forever.

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