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Admission Decision Deadlines, Statistics Masters Acceptance Dilemma

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Hello all,

I applied to 2 Masters programs in Statistics in Ontario, both of them Part-Time degrees with no funding, and I find myself in the middle of a strange scenario:
Second choice school recently admitted me and gave me until the end of March to respond. First choice school said that admission decisions for Part-Time applicants don't usually go out until middle of April.


I've emailed First Choice school to see if they could expedite my application because of this situation, but it's been about 2 days and they haven't responded (I emailed them on Sunday morning, so maybe they need more time to respond? I understand it's probably a very busy time for them).


What if they don't respond? Should I accept second choice and see if first choice accepts later? I don't want to burn any bridges since my undergrad was completed at second choice and I'm very fond of the faculty.




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