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Difficulty of graduate finance electives?


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I was considering earning credits towards an MBA part-time while working. My plan was that, after graduating this semester with my B.A. in economics, I'd find an employer, work there for a while, and when eligible, take advantage of their tuition reimbursement program to do one class a semester (through my school's open university program) in the evenings. I was planning on doing a finance concentration, or international business if, for some reason, I can't do finance. Upper division finance electives would also be directly relevant to my job. But I must ask, how difficult are these classes? I know some of it varies depending on the university but among AACSB-accredited schools there should be some common ground. The most advanced mathematics I've taken are Calculus I and Introduction to Econometrics, and I didn't exactly breeze through them. Should I choose a different concentration because graduate-level finance will kick my ass?

Also what's the workload like for MBA classes? Is taking one a semester while having a 35-40 hour a week job going to be super difficult, or manageable?

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