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Hello everyone

I am Cyrine from Lebanon. I am at a stage of my life, where I am so confused with what to choose for my doctorate studies.

I have a BS in pure mathematics, a teaching diploma in math education and a master’s degree in educational psychology- school guidance and counselling. I have previously applied to PhD programs in Education; although education is not my passion. I got denied and the reason was mainly because I do not have a robust research experience yet, especially that my MA thesis was not yet completed back then. The reason why I chose education, is the fact that my master's degree is from an education department in the best university in the Middle East (ranked #237 in the world).

If I were to apply to a doctorate program/PhD again, I would follow my true passion, which is psychology and counselling. I aim to design programs which would help individuals find purpose in life. However, looking at different programs in the UK, I found that it takes one to have a stronger background in Psychology (a BA degree). Any suggestions for good universities (not necessarily top universities but with good ranking: probably #50 to #100) that offer doctorate programs in counselling and psychology and do not necessitate a BA in Psychology? Another question, do you think a PhD is more important/prestigious/demanded than a professional doctorate? 

On the side note,

- This is my second year working as a researcher in education topics (Education of the disadvantaged populations, education and employment, ...)

- I have co-authored one book chapter and preparing to publish my thesis and a report with my professors (By the end of this year, I expect to reach a total of 6 publications)  

- I have an average of 89% for my master’s degree, 88% for my teaching diploma with a teaching excellence award, but an average of 73% for my BS in Math.

- I have taken 6 courses in psychology with scores > 90%. I received 120 hours of training as a school counsellor 


I appreciate your advice and I am open to programs and universities from all over the world. 



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