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Professor asked me to talk in person/on the phone


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I got an admission to MA at Columbia Journalism a few days ago.

Today I received an email from the professor saying that he wanted to talk with me in person or on the phone before the school start. 

I guess he means well getting to know better about his students, however, I’m wondering if this is common in the US schools as I’m an international student. 

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Depends on the size of the program. I got admitted to an NYU program that only has a 10-15 student class, and the director of the program got in touch with me directly. With CUNY, which has a class size of a little of 100, I got no such contact. Columbia J School is pretty big but I think the bulk of the students are M.S., not M.A.

Regardless, what's important is that they are reaching out to you! Don't ever take that lightly. It's an opportunity to get to hear from the horses mouth, so to speak, and you can ask him questions about the department, what his mission is for it, and so on. Absolutely take him up on talking together.

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