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Masters of Social Work- UW Seattle or BC?


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Title says it all. I'm at a standstill between the two programs, even though both are very different. The way I see it they are:



Pros- On the West Coast, close to the city, ranked higher

Cons- Didn't get financial aid back yet, more expensive likely



Pros- 30k in financial remission, great city

Cons- not as well ranked program, worse weather, far to relocate, far from the city itself


Any ways to break this tie? Any alums can chime in? 


Thanks all!

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I'm afraid I don't have concrete answers for you, without knowing your priorities.  I think Seattle is a better place to live.... but 30k in finaid is great!  

I wanted to follow this thread because I'm trying to decide between UW and other school(s) as well.    What is your overall impression so far of UW in terms of things like faculty advisory support, and curriculum options? Are you going for clinical or macro? 

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