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Late '19 Graduate Student Opening in Health Psych PhD Program!


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Graduate student (Ph.D.) opening in the NDSU Mind, Body & Baby Prenatal Health Lab begining Fall 2019. 
Lab Description: The Mind, Body & Baby Lab is directed by Clayton Hilmert, Ph.D. The lab is dedicated to examining interactions among the mind, body, and environment as they pertain to health and health-related outcomes.
Our primary focus is on how stress affects pregnancy. We apply social psychological methods to help us determine who is most susceptible to the effects of stress on health and how these effects can be attenuated. We consider how stress affects the functioning of the central, autonomic, neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, and immune systems to better understand how stress impacts health. Current projects include the effects of stress and stress reactivity on blood sugar metabolization during pregnancy and the the Healthy American Indian Pregnancy Project. 
For more information about the lab go to:
Program Description: The NDSU Department of Psychology doctoral programs are designed to produce graduates with strong research skills who will be competitive in the academic job market as well as in public and private applied research settings. The programs include coursework to provide a solid grounding in the content of one's chosen area as well as in research methods and statistics, laboratory experience in an apprenticeship model of research training, and teacher training which culminates in the students' preparation and teaching of their own courses.
To find out more about program requirements and funding go to:
Please contact Dr. Hilmert directly if you have questions or are interested in the position.
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