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Best masters for data science at FAANG?

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My long-term goal is to be a data scientist for a top tech company. I graduate from undergrad with a math/cs degree this year, am working at a startup as a data scientist. I was planning on working for a year or two and then getting a masters degree in statistics. Are there any statistics programs that are especially attractive to industry?

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No, nobody will really know the programs. Get a master's degree from a reputable school that is well-regarded overall. Have friends who can refer you to the job, which is the only way to guarantee your application will get read. And make sure wherever you go, you yet a strong basis is stats and programming so you can pass the interviews.

At non-FAANG companies, a master's from Stanford or Chicago might help.  But at the big companies, it's all about getting in the door (and making 1 friend is easier than paying $100k to Stanford for this) and knowing how to pass the interviews. 

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