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Hi all, who's going to Bolgona/DC this fall? What are your impressions on the program?

My situation: US student, 4 years out from undergrad.

€50,000 scholarship from SAIS Bologna campus for two years (MAIA). 2 years Fulbright ETA, short term PC  service, internships at UN & Goethe Institut. GPA 3.8, GRE V 162/Q 158/W 5.5. Fluent in German/French, working knowledge Russian/Italian. Age 25. Did not have LOR's in place by the deadline last cycle to ship out a full array of applications. Rejected by LSE/pre-accepted to College of Europe. 

Uncertain if it's better to take the offer or wait and accept a position as a research coordinator at a top business school (HBS) for 1-2 years before trying for Wilson/Jackson or simply combining said coordinator experience with an MBA down the road (not my dream, but the moneys and security!!!!!!). 

A life in Europe/European Affairs/maintaining and improving my foreign languages is the dream, BUT I am not huge on quant/IMF/WB work and have gone back and forth on the prospects of entering the D.C. game. Also, this job at HBS just seems too good........... Insight??? 

Applied: SAIS (MAIA), LSE (Msc International Political Economy), College of Europe (MA EU Diplomacy)

Results: SAIS Bologna ($$), LSE Msc, CoE MA (awaiting decision--generally no funding for 1 year program)

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