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Georgetown MPP vs. Brown MPA


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Hello everyone,

I'm a Chinese student and I have been offered admission from Georgetown MPP and Brown MPA.

I will graduate from university this June so I have no official work experiences but I have been working as an intern in an environment protection NGO from the UK for half a year. So I think I might be joining similar NGOs, the other career option is to join the business world as a researcher or join big companies' CSR departments. I am not sure if I wanna pursue PHD.

High level of income is an important factor for me when considering my career choices so I hope to know which program will more likely help me get that if possible. ( its just I need money to be completely independent from my parents ASAP)

What I know is that Georgetown MPP is a two-year program and has a long history and a good reputation so everything is reliable, while Brown MPA is relatively new and is an one-year program which might not give me enough time to find an internship in the US and consolidate my skills.

However, what I'm concerned about is that Brown is one of the Ivy League and is a lot more famous than Georgetown in China, reputation and ranks are very important for finding a good job here. But I might stay in the US if I can, so I have to consider about this scenario too.

So overall, my struggle is:

1) Georgetown MPP might give me more skills and more time to consolidate and a better chance of finding a good internship.

2)Brown is more famous in China so it can be more helpful for me to find a ideal job in China.

Which school should I choose?

Any advice from you would be a huge help for me! Thanks a lot!!


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I say this as someone who got accepted to Brown but is hesitant considering the lack of information available and did not research Georgetown.

1. If you're trying to get rich, debt load should be at the forefront of your mind.

2. Brown might be more famous in China but the skills you would learn at Georgetown will probably serve you better, also note being in D.C. puts you in a better position for international organization internships and jobs.

That's what I've got shooting from the hip

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So, I have an MPA and I have been working in government since 2016. This is a solid path to a middle-class job-- squarely middle-class, maybe even upper-middle. I make about $80,000 a year now, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at in a tough economy, but really isn't rich-rich.

Working in government is NOT is a path to wealth. Unless you have good capacity to be inner-circle, friend of the party, highest-ranking status in China, you're better off studying business, commerce, banking, etc.

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