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I am an international undergraduate in Asia. I got the admission from the MS Program of EE in University of Virginia and MS Program of Embedded Systems of TU Delft. Both programs require similar fees and in total different countries. I didn't went to both Virginia and Netherlands before, and I did gather lots of information about these two universities on the Internet. My main worry about the program in UVA is career prospects. UVA isn't good  at its Engineering department and UVA also don't have a great international reputation(ranking is not high), at least in my country, few people hear this university but almost everyone knows UC Berkeley. And it rarely admits international students so I found few discussions and information about its Engineering departments in my country's website. For an international student, it's very difficult to find a job in EE field in US, I don't know whether it's easy for UVA international students graduates to find an intern or a job, although lots of my US friends told me UVA has a great prestige in US.(But I think its reputation has little relationship with its . Engineering department.) TUD is good at engineering and the job market in EECS field is not as competitive as US. But compared with other counties, US always has more opportunities and it can provide jobs with higher salaries. And I need to make a decision before 15th of April, so please provide me more information and give me some advice.^_^


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