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Asking for Additional Funding

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Hello everybody!

Does anyone have experience negotiating/asking for additional funding? I know that it's often done in other graduate fields, but I never see it discussed here, so I'm not sure if it's typical in SLP master's programs.  I've been accepted to 3 programs, but one will be significantly less expensive than the others.  However, I'm still very interested in the other programs and I'm sad that the decisions essentially comes down to cost.  I'm specifically really interested in Vanderbilt, but at $25,000+ per year more than the other program I'm considering, it's just too expensive.

So, have any asked for additional funding?  Who did you reach out to?  What was the response?

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I know one of my universities said that if a student that was offered a scholarship declines, that money can be reallocated to another student! I know that doesn't help much because it would most likely be after the April 15th deadline though so sorry about that! But this is super interesting I would also want to ask for additional funding as well but really have not heard anything about it. It might be awkward or something haha but with the price of some colleges how can they blame us for asking for money!!

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