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Sustainability vs Organizational Behaviour MBA from Social Service Background?

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Hey guys,

I have been admitted into two MBA programs in Ontario Canada.

1. University of Guelph/2 year part-time online/Stream: Sustainable Commerce

2. Laurier/1 year full-time on campus/10 Streams to choose from but most interested in the Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management or Marketing option

I have an honours degree in psychology as well as a certificate in dispute resolution from Toronto. I have also applied for Master of Social Work but so far no luck.

My professional background is several years of experience in copyright/permissions administrative type work at a university, including 3-4 years of pro bono social service/human services type work that ranges from mental health research, advocacy roles, project coordinator roles, etc which were all done while working in copyright.

I cannot say exactly what role I would like to fulfill after the MBA, but I enjoy working directly with people and would like to transfer this passion into the corporate world.

My feelings are that I would need to do a certificate in HR and work from the bottom up before being able to even use an MBA in Organizational Behaviour/HR, whereas I may be able to use my existing experiences in social services as well as the environmental aspect from printing services for a sustainability position for an organization. Marketing may be applicable because of the copyright/printing experience as well but I am not keen on the graphics expertise side of things. The only downside is that I cant seem to find very many jobs in sustainability when searching on indeed such as "corporate social responsibility" although sustainability seems to be a growing trend.

Can anyone help me decide? I am not so keen to the payroll side of HR, but more interested in consulting with employees for their health, diversity, equity, etc. Sustainability seems interesting in the fact that I can help implement areas I am already interested in for corporations.


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