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University of Central Florida(UCF) CREOL accepted PhD students Fall 2019


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Hi guys,

I am still waiting for my results from UCF. It has been forever. The admission specialist told me that the committee has time till Apr 15th to make a decision but I noticed that many of the applicants got their decision already. If you have applied for CREOL and have got admitted/Rejected could you please share your profiles? 


GRE: Quant/Verbal/AWA

Ungergrad/Grad GPA: x/4.0

GRE Physics: If you have given.

Experience in Optics research etc


For example, let me share my info.


GRE: 165Q/152V/4.0

Grad GPA: 3.59/4.0 (Did my BS and MS in Electrical Engg)-Concentration was on RF/MW engg

GRE Physics: NA

Have 6 months of research experience in Antenna design. No publication.:(

~2years of Industry experience from Qualcomm in the same field(RF/MW).






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