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How to enhance the chances based on my current profile?

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This is my first time to post in the forum.?Hope this finds you well.

I am going to apply for the Stat\biostat Phd in the future and now I am a sophomore student.

I wonder how I can enhance chances to get into a fair Stat\BIiostat program  and here is my current profile.

I am now in a Chinese university and we have one of the most reputable statistics departmens in my country(but not PKU or THU).

Overall GPA :3.65

Math(stat) GPA: 3.75

Actually, I got a bad score in linear algebra for some personal reasons so my GPA seems not so good and all the scores of  my other math or statistics courses are all at least A-. I am now taking real analysis , numerical analysis and mathematical statistics and will hopefully take Stochastic process, nonparametric statistics, Multivariate regression, time series, functional analysis, optimization, complex analysis. 

I am currently doing research about lasso with a professor in McGill and  our work will lead to a nice paper about algorithm design and prediction of real data. 

Based on my profile, what I can do to enhance the chances to get into a fair PhD program?

Any advice is appreciated.?

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1. Your GPA is 3.75 when you just start your learning of real analysis. While functional analysis and optimization will be harder from my experience. So you need to keep a good GPA.

2. Your research sounds good and you need to get in touch with professors that in the similar interest of LASSO or something similar.

3.You are in a Chinese program, the language score will be more important to you since you will be teaching students.

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If that Prof. is Yang Yi, you better think twice. This guy has a bad record in placing his students and his mentality toward placing or mentoring his students is awful, fearing that he or she would surpass him. Sound hilarious but that happens. Avoid him at all cost. On a side note, if you are not from PKU/Tsinghua/CUST/Fudan/perhaps Nankai or Zhejiang U, you can forget about top programs in the States. That manuscript, even being accepted, will not enhance your background too much. 

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