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Scholarship Opportunity for Computer Science Students


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Hello Computer Science students!

I am a community administrator for the company/foundation, Dfinity. We are a startup blockchain cloud computing company working on the very latest of technologies in the areas of distributed ledger technology, consensus algorithms, governance and cloud computing. You can check out our website here for more info: Dfinity.org.

It is a core belief at Dfinity that we continue to develop and expand on our research foundation by supporting students and universities progressing the study of disciplines including distributed computing, cryptography, and decentralized systems, among others.

We have created a scholarship program which we are running for the second straight year in order to support this belief. 

We will be awarding 3 scholarships of $10,000 for active graduate students and 2 scholarships of $2,500 for active undergraduate students.

You view the scholarship details and application process here: Dfinity Scholarships

Dfinity is wholly committed to supporting students who are pushing the blockchain industry forward through their academic research effort. We wish to support 5 students based on their research into areas we believe are valuable for the blockchain space. 

Here is a list of acceptable topics of research to which we will award our scholarships:

1. Consensus Mechanisms and Blockchain
2. Gossiping and Routing in Peer-to-Peer Networks
3. Cryptography
4. Secure Computation
5. Possible Attacks on Blockchains
6. Programming Languages
7. Game Theory and Incentive Models
8. Formal Verification
9. Zero-knowledge Proofs
10. Token Economics

The application deadline is May 1, 2019. Again please check our application page here if you interested in applying: Dfinity Scholarships

Please feel free to ask any questions on our website, in this thread or private message me. Thanks for your time and good luck to all the applicants!

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