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Accept now or wait it out??

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I have been accepted at two schools and waitlisted at my top 2 schools (PhD programs).... Do I accept an offer now or wait until the 15th just in case? I

Between the two offers I have, the programs are very similar, and both are funded. I am torn because one of the programs is newer and offered me more money, however it is a college town that I do not think I would enjoy living in. The other is less money in a city (where I think I would be very happy!) that has a much higher cost of living so I would be barely scraping by off of my stipend. Both have excellent professors and research that I am interested in. I genuinely do not know which program to choose. How do other people decide? 

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I'm in a similar situation. I've been accepted to two programs and waitlisted to my top choice. I'm going to ride it out through Friday. If I haven't heard by then I won't have time to make it out to my top choice to get a better feel of the campus and faculty. I say wait it out if you're comfortable with accepting an offer from one of your top two choices at the last minute. 

I believe your biggest decision lies in choosing between the two to which you've already been accepted. Being happy where you live is a large part of making it through grad school, but so is not stressing over your finances. Budget out where you would rather live and see if you're comfortable with the financial restraints you'll have in the location that will make you happier. I did this with the two programs to which I was accepted. One was less money and a lower cost of living, the other more and a higher cost of living. Wherever I chose I would have around the same quality of life, financially speaking, but I new I would be happier in one city over the other.

Ride it out, decide where you'll be better off between the two you already have decisions from, and remain hopeful. Whatever happens you've already made it through the hardest step of the applications process. Good luck! ?

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