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Columbia QMSS vs. UW Evans MPA

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Columbia QMSS or UW Evans MPA?  

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  1. 1. Columbia QMSS or UW Evans MPA?

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    • UW Evans MPA

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Hey everyone!

I've been admitted both to the Columbia Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences MA program and the University of Washington Evans MPA program. While they are very different programs, I'm very torn about where to go and would like to get some help.

I am straight out of undergrad with a Bachelor of Journalism (which means I did not learn much professional knowledge in the business field) and want a career in data/business analyst, finance related after graduated from the program. Prefer to work in the States two or three years (for earning tuition back and raise capital) and then back to my home country and run own business in the long run.


QMSS (2-3 semesters; 1-1.5 years)



- Flexibility to take econ, math, stat, or other courses in MBA program (need to get the admission from the B-School)

- Ivy, higher ranking university (well, there have so many people caring on the reputation of the university more than the program in my home country) 

- NY City, lots of job opportunities

- Stem program (international students could apply for a 24-month extension of the post-completion optional practical training (OPT)) offered long- time for me to find a job



- Too costly, you know the rent and daily expenses in Manhattan

- Compact schedule for done all courses and a thesis in two or three semesters


Evans MPA(2 years)


  - Ability to take multiple levels of master's level classes in different emphasizes: financial analysis 

 - lots of internships opportunities

- RA opportunities

- Lots of resources with academics and students organizations

- Could apply a concurrent degree/ certification in the B-school (UW Foster)



-  less famous in my home country compared with Columbia


The main thing I want to figure out is which program would carry me more opportunities to get a good-salary job. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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