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Stick it out or switch?


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Hi everyone. This is a long post, but I could really use any advice/insight anyone has. I really don't know what to do...

I'm a year into a master's in urban planning, but I've been struggling. For context, my focus is historic preservation, something my program doesn't offer so I'm taking anthropology classes and pursuing a digital humanities certificate. I do well in those classes, but I struggle in my planning classes. It's not that they're hard, they aren't. But I have no interest. 

This semester has been especially challenging. I have been working on a project for an organization related to digital humanities and until a few weeks ago was also working 36hrs a week at my regular job in addition to 11 credit hours. Changes occurred in my dept at work over the last few months and it was dragging me down, then I got laid off due to restructuring earlier this month. As such, the anxiety I deal with regularly has been causing more problems the last few months and I haven't been happy with how things are. 

My school work has suffered because of this and I ended up dropping one class. I've mostly kept up in my anthro class, but my other planning class has been a mess. My assignments are late and my Prof will accept them for partial credit, but I'll have to retake this class. I'm not sure I want to though...

This program isn't what I thought it would be when I started. Other personal stuff aside, I have little interest in the material and I'm questioning if I should keep up with it or not. Essentially, I settled on this program because of initial conversations with the dept chair and it being close to me. If anything, all this has given me is an interest in digital humanities I didn't know I had before. I have a year left. And my health insurance is through the university. But is it worth continuing?

There is an online master's program in public history through another campus (part of the state university system). It seems to fit better with my goals, but the school doesn't allow students to pursue degrees at two campuses at once. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. 

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