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Applying to Top Tier Graduate Schools with Low Confidence Level?



Hi everyone,

I do have an experience of applying to just a few schools before (which I got all rejected from, sadly), and I want to make sure that I want to polish my application and stats as best as possible for this upcoming application cycle. Previously, when I submitted applications for chemistry and biochemistry programs, my apps weren't thoroughly prepared as I did not have much time to meet the deadlines. However, since I have few months to work on my applications now, I want to apply to a good number of grad schools. Looking at the programs out there, I keep having bipolar hesitations on applying to top tier schools. On one side of me, I think to myself that maybe they will accept me even though my stats aren't impeccable. On the other side of me, I think to myself that there is no point on bothering to apply because it will be just a waste of time for everyone. I am trying not to think of this year's cycle as a "gamble," meaning that I don't want to simply throw in my application and wishing, 'pick me, pick me!' (which what I kind of did before...). My overall GPA is 3.2, and major is 3.1 (some C's and mostly B's and some A's). GRE is 143/154/4.0 GRE, and 2.5 years of research with no pub. My confidence level just keeps fluctuating while I keep daydream. Thank you everyone.

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