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Please help! UT Austin msis vs Northeastern CS Align


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Hi! Please help me out and give me some suggestions on decision. I am interested in HCI and computer programming. I am an architecture student. It is still quite hard for me to completely abandon design. 

I am not sure about whether to go to a doctor’s degree or not. But I probably will continue my studying.

UT Austin msis:

pros: high ranking of ischool; lower tuition fee; great research environment; great city with opportunities

cons: People of this program seem to learn UX or data; the course arrangements are not well organized 


Northeastern CS Align:

pros: CS programming courses are available; maybe higher chance to find a job

cons: low ranking of CS; higher tuition fee; the program seems to be practical but not good for research


Please give me some suggestions! I don’t know which one to choose! Thank you guys! 


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