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SLP Grad Program: How to decide!



Just had a gap year and applied to 8 schools this round to avoid another year of rejection. I was waitlisted to 4 schools and was so lucky to get off the waitlist to 2 of them. One is where I attended undergrad. The pros include getting to stay in the same area, avoid having to move, and also only around 6,000 a semester. The cons are its an avg. program, Illinois requires a 22 on the ACT, so I would have to retake that or the TAP test, and have mediocre professors. But then I just found out I was accepted to my top school, that is a private institution and is 15,000 a semester... If I stayed where I was, it would be about a 50 minute commute back and forth everyday with traffic, or have to move. Pros are not having to retake the ACT and a better program. Cons are the expenses! 

I feel like it should be a given on which one to pick, but is a great program worth the money (and also not worrying about retaking the ACT) vs. an average program that can still get you the same degree. How do you decide????? I need opinions! 


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