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psychology masters: BU vs Columbia

which pick?  

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  1. 1. which pick?

    • boston university
    • columbia

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Hi, I have been a lurker for the past year, so apologize if I am not posting correctly. 

I applied to Phd programs in psych this cycle and am down to 2 programs of my top choice for Fall 2019. 

Boston U - clinical psych Phd reject, but accepted to their masters program; didn't interview. need to respond by 8/1. really love their program, professors are stellar, already picked out courses I want to take.

Teachers College, Columbia - counseling psych PhD reject, but interviewed for EdM program instead, which went well. no decision still, but acceptance rate seems... strangely high? definitely want to know if this is another cash cow trap, or if this program is worth the cost. i believe the courses are taught by TAs mostly, which is definitely a downfall. 

Both unfunded. I currently live in NY. I'm honestly torn about which career path to pick. BU would be research oriented, geared for PhD, which was my original intent.. but now I'm having major imposter syndrome thinking I won't be cut out for it. Columbia's program would lead to mental health counseling licensure, but I know I wouldn't get research experience. I have both clinical and research experience, honestly have loved both sides. i've been working for a few years post grad, and am worried about my job options after a higher degree. I feel like BU's terminal master's program may not be as marketable because of the lack of licensure. Columbia has the prestige and people have said numerous times that this name will open doors for jobs. How true is this? Is there an obvious pick here? Go for BU and hopefully make it into PhD after.. which I'm sure would lead to better job prospects? but would take so long?? (I'm 25) or go for licensure at columbia to become a counselor?  

Obviously if I don't get into Columbia, I'll accept BU's offer. I'm not even sure if I should keep waiting at this point. Would love any sort of perspective, thanks!


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