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Should I retake? Did your GRE score improve the second time?


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Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time to post on here.

I just took the GRE and did not get the results I was hoping for.

Before I took the test, here are the results of my practice tests:
Kaplan: V: 166, Q: 160
Manhattan Prep: V:160, Q: 159
Power Prep 1: V: 165, Q:164
Power Prep 2: V:166, Q: 160

Actual score:
V: 159, Q:159

I partially attribute the poor scores to my ignorance to some of the testing rules -- I didn't realize you could only have 2 pieces of scratch paper at a time, I practiced quant using generous amounts of scratch paper and this really threw me off. In addition, I had some major texting anxiety the day of. Not trying to make excuses for my performance, just wanted to add some context.

This being said, the main program I am applying for (Georgetown McCourt - MS DSPP) explicitly stated that they do not have a GRE cutoff, and that the average scores of applicants was V:159, Q:160.
My undergrad GPA was underwhelming (3.0/4.0 in Electrical Engineering), so I feel like I need to have a good GRE score in order to be a competitive applicant.

I'm fairly certain that I would like to take the test again..... but I have some questions:
1. Do you guys think my score would improve if I took it again? What have been your experiences?

2. How worried should I be about my current scores?

3. If I do retake, what are some good materials or methods to fine tune my base knowledge? I did the 3 month study plan with Magoosh for my first test.

4. Any suggestions on how to mitigate pretty bad test anxiety?


Thank you for any feedback! I greatly appreciated it!




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