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Looking for help: LSE or Birmingham (UK) - Mathematics


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Hi folks!

So I’ve got a conditional offer from MSc Applicable Mathematics at LSE and have talk to a potential supervisor over the MRes Mathematics program at Uni of Birmingham.

I’m wondering if anyone can give me some advice? My personal experience is quite limited for making a choice, which I wouldn’t say decides my whole life but is still crucial for my future.


Birmingham pros:

- I want to do research in the future so research experience would be valuable.

- Four of my current lecturers are in the group of this field I want to study. They are all very approachable and nice. Generally speaking, this group is also relatively large and young.

- This program can possibly counter as the first year of a fast track PhD degree here.

- Compared to the hustle in big city, this uni is at a relatively quiet place (which means life can be kind of monotone at the same time).

Birmingham cons:

- As far as I know, there would be only three taught modules, one of which is in my field of interest.

- though I have quite a passion for the field I want to research into, I still feel insecure since it might be harder to find a job with a research degree, if I cannot secure research funding in the future. (My perspective can be quite partial. Please feel free to correct me if you think it is far from the truth.)


LSE pros:

- Study more new subjects, half of which are in my field of interest.

- I plan to move to some Asian country in one or two years. I was told quite a few times that a degree with LSE would be favourable for finding an international job. 

- LSE seems to have a more comprehensive system and everything is pretty well-organised.

- As an international student, I realised that new cultures in a new society actually very attractive to me.

LSE cons:

- Reading through the material I can find, half of the contents of two modules in my field appear to be what I have learned in my undergraduate study.

- So far I have not yet found a passion for economics/finance-related (Mathematics) area, which would account for two modules in this program. (However I have a keen interest in reversi, whereas a professor here is a pro in this game. Okay, I guess this is not as important.)


Any advice will be really appreciated. And to whoever read this post, I hope you all the best with your choice. And hope this could be of some help to those who are also making their decision.




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