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Cornell vs Wisconsin - Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering


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Hello Everyone,

I've been offered admission for Ph.D. from both Cornell and Wisconsin Madison.

Can you give me specific suggestions/pros/cons/advice which may help me make a informed decision ?

Anyone else having to make a similar choice? Can you post your views?

Thanks for your time and patience.


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I think most of us will need more information to be able to give you any advice, but if there's a forum area for chemical engineering, they might be able to offer some insights about those programs in particular.

Are you better funded at one school than the other?

What do you think of living for five years in Madison or Ithaca?

Have you had a chance to visit?

Are your interests well represented at both schools?

How are the programs ranked?

What kind of research opportunities exist at each schools?

Without knowing these kinds of things, we can't really offer much advice. (Although, I am at Wisconsin now (in a completely unrelated field) and I could just try to push my own school on you. :))

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