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Second Master's as a Quant - Why and What

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Started this topic to gather advice for my next step as well as to share thoughts/experience.

I finished my Master of Math Finance at UToronto and have been a quant researcher (strat and data) for almost a year (undergrad in Stats). As I am seeking the best quant funds to learn and grow, feeling Canada is really not the place I should stay (small markets and not proactive), US/HK instead. Then I am thinking of applying another Master's in US (only way to get a job there and I won't do phD). As for HK, funds prefer experienced ones far as I know.

Then it comes to what school/major to apply for. Another MFE is not the thing, as it will be a waste of everything (though they do have good career services). Then what should be a legit program to learn new stuff AND to target the quant funds? Data Science (seems targeting tech firms)? Finance (not hardcore)? ...

No idea if there are buddies who have gone through/are in similar situations. Welcome to share any idea. Thanks in advance!

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