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Hello! I’m a Nursing Home Administrator and am in my decision process of choosing the right masters program for the Fall. UCLA eMPH and CSULB MSHCA-AP both accepted me, however, I’m not sure which school/ program is best for me. I’ve evaluated the course schedule, faculty, alumni, cost, time, and distance. UCLA has always been my dream school due to its prestige. Conversely, choosing UCLA would mean commuting to LA from OC every other week, taking Fridays off for classes, and hopefully crashing the night at an apartment so I don’t have to drive back the following day. CSULB has it’s pros and cons as well- it’s a hybrid program, so I would only need to commute every Saturday and the other half of the program is online. The drive is only about 20 mins to CSULB vs an hour to UCLA. CSULB is also a third of the cost compared to UCLA. So now the question is- which school and program should I choose and that it would be most applicable to my career in working with older adults as a Nursing Home Administrator? All thoughts are appreciated!

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