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GW MPP/MPA and $$$

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Or lack thereof...

I had a good time at the admitted students day last Saturday. However, from what I've gathered the GW Trachtenberg School gave out only a little bit of money for the Fall 2010 - somewhere like 4-8 students total, depending on the rumor mill you listen to. Recognizing that many current students started out with little to no funding, I am curious to know the various ways they worked around the problem. Coupled with the high cost of living in DC, the potential debt one must accrue to attend GW seems far from worth it. I'm trying to get a sense of what 2 years might cost me.

1. What steps can you take to set yourself up for better aid the second year?

2. Do most students work part/full-time the whole way through?

3. Do many work for the University and get a tuition break?

4. Are there more fellowships/assistanceships available in the second year?

I'd love to study in DC, but right now the money makes no sense. (*Currently looking for Freemasons in my family history...*)

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