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I'm interested in applying to public health/urban studies programs. My application for urban studies is fairly strong as I'll have work and volunteer experience in a foreign country. I'm worried about my MPH application as I don't believe my application is as strong. I want to apply to Health/Social Behavior concentrations but my undergrad is not related (Political Science/Public Policy with almost no health courses) nor is my formal work experience (urban research). However, I have done freelance journalism that relates to public health, specifically things that fall under Health/Social Behavior topics (air pollution, health disparities across class/ethnicity, health justice). By the time I apply, I'll have over a year of experience writing about it (irregularly, so perhaps around 6-8 articles) for local and regional newspapers/online publications.

Do you think that that is enough? My top-choice program is Berkeley and I'm overall looking at schools in that tier.

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I have an undergrad and master's in business, and zero work experience in anything related to health. Despite that, or perhaps because of, I was accepted to UNC Chapel Hill and George Washington University for fall MPH programs. I addressed this directly in my application, and talked about how I would bring diversity to their program/student body. Even if you have no coursework in that specific field, your unique background will lend you skills that other candidates may not have, and you'll have a different perspective on issues that typical public health professionals may not see. I think the journalism experience is really, really cool, and should definitely help your chances. Best of luck!! 

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