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Problems with program and PI

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First some background info:  I'm an older/nontraditional PT grad student studying biology, and I'm a US citizen (sorry, I know this forum is mainly for international students but I figured these questions and concerns universally affect us all).  When I started my program, I applied to the professional biotech program, but I decided to switch to a traditional MS in biology as this later option leaves open the option for me to pursue a PhD (even though most would consider me "too old" to start a PhD, I don't care - I don't expect some illustrious career - mainly doing this for my own edification but no less serious than any other student).  Well, in a nutshell, I stated my intend to switch to the [pure] MS in Biology because it is more challenging (I like a challenge), and is more science heavy (as opposed to the biotech option which is 1/3 business classes) 

I'll try to make this short.  My school requires students to work under the direction of a professor/PI in their labs.  My first year in the program I didn't find a PI as I wanted to take things slow and ease into the program.  The second year, I worked for a professor doing some botany related work which didn't interest me and wasn't going to help me futher my career, so I approached one of the professors I was taking a class from and asked if I could switch to his lab.  I am currently working in his lab even over the summer on a PT basis.  At first, I was excited as his lab's focus is on molecular biology stuff like metabolomic and proteomics which are very related to my interests as well (if I do a PhD in the future, it will likely be along regenerative medicine lines).  Anyway, the first PI I worked for on the botany project wouldn't buy the supplies I needed to do the project work she wanted me to do, so I ended up buying them myself.  It didn't amount to much, but that isn't the point.  She was pretty chill and didn't overwork me, yet she didn't give me any guidance either or respond to my emails.  We have to write a paper to satisify a graduate writting requirement, and she gave me no guidance on this nor did she tell me when to start.  I'm not sure, but I think she even gave the work I had done for her to another student to present...  Well, I didn't like the project anyway, so I switched to the other guys lab who does the proteomics work.  At first, things were going great, but he got a little invasive (via his student spy gossip network) and started to try to get me to take on more responsiblity.  I'm older, busy with my family, and have a job, but regardless, I'm trying to live up to his expectations.  When I switched to his lab, he became my advisor, but I still have not been official switched from the biotech program to the pure master's program which makes me very nervous...  Also, he's always trying to get me to TA which I really don't have time for although I am willing to do one lab/yr even though I really don't want or need the measely amount of money the job pays.  My research is actually funded via NIH, so even though I'm willing to apply for grants, I technically should not need to do this...  Anyway, at first he was really responsive, but lately he hasn't been returning my emails.  Thus far, I've worked in his lab for about a month putting in about 20hrs/wk (about 15hr/wk on-site and another 5hr/wk writting undergrad training materials).  So far I'm just doing undergrad training and maintenance/janitorial chores.  We kind of have a skeleton crew over the summer...  There's been very little discussion of my project although he did give me several articles and a book related to the project.  I've been working on those too spending about an additional 10hrs/wk.  All-in-all, I'm putting in about 30hrs/wk on top of my regular job...  Anyway, the guy reminded me that he owns my research and lab notebook...  What does this mean?  I get that if I make a discovery, I won't benefit finacially; him and/or the university will benefit in that regard, but does this mean that I have no intellectual rights to the work even though I'm the one doing it?!  This is BS to me...  Can he just steal my work or give it to another student that he likes better?  Maybe I'm freaking out for nothing, but I just don't want a repeat of what happened in the botany lab.  I'm supposed to write my thesis based off the work I do...  Another student who doesn't help with the project shouldn't benefit...  Also, if the work is published in a journal, will my name be on this paper?  I figured that it would be toward the end (after his name and another professor's name who are working on the project), but it still seems to me like I should get some type of credit or recognition.  How does this work? Thanks in advance for your help.  I'd especially like to hear from professors so that I can understand the other side of the coin.  Like I said, things started out good with my new PI, but lately, he's been stressed and unresponsive and unapproachable.

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