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MSBA applicant - low verbal score

Aron Bjorn

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Hello All,

Kindly review my profile for MS in Business Analytics and please suggest me what are my chances for schools listed at the end 

Currently, working as a Business Intelligence Analyst in Reykjavik .

Experience : 2 years of experience in data science, BI, modeling.
Previous Education CGPA : 3.92 (9,46/10 on an icelandic scale), 1/128 students in Engineering in 2017, Bachelors of Science in Financial Engineering.
Intermediate Skills : SQL, R, Statistics
Beginner skills: Python, C++
GRE: 318 (168Q, 150 V
TOEFL: 104 (expired), expecting/hoping 105-110 this fall

Graduate schools: UCLA Anderson (MSBA), MIT Sloan (Master of Business Analytics)


I'm worried about my verbal score and whether I would simply not make a cut-off. However, the programs usually only refer quant scores, median/mean 167-168. I would really like to know what do you think my chances are for UCLA and MIT programs and whether my verbal score would be problematic. Do you think a TOEFL score of 110+ would even out an average verbal score?



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