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How much does quant matter for humanities students?


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Hi all,

I hope your summer has been relaxing!

I have a question about the quant section. I am applying to comparative lit & French PhD programs this application cycle. I have a pretty good verbal score (163-166) and fairly good writing scores (5-5.5 from Kaplan grading teams). My quant varies between 145-155.

How much should I focus on boosting my quant? I am taking another practice test tomorrow and I take the real test in late August. My professors and advisors have told me that the GRE is not a huge priority for most admission teams these days - but of course they're still required, so you want to do well. I've also been told that the quant score is pretty irrelevant for people planning to go into language pedagogy & literary studies. After trying to get my verbal as high as possible, I'm now shifting to focus on my WS and SoP. At the same time, I would hate to be rejected from a program simply because I didn't take the time to work on a quant score. I'd love to hear people's thoughts so I can know where to focus for the next month.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!

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want to appropriately reflect my profs' advice ;)
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