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Milano The New School vs. NYU Wagner

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Hi All,

I recently was accepted to both NYU Wagner for their MPA in public and non-profit management and Milano the New School for MS in non-profit management. I've been teaching for two years and now work at a non-profit in Brooklyn. Throughout the process I was really impressed with NYU and had my hopes on going there, however Milano offered me a 50% tuition waiver to attend. I recieved no funding from NYU which makes the decision more difficult. Ideally, I want to stay in the NY area for the near future in the ed reform world.

Any advice on which program makes more sense to attend? I see the big differences besides funding- in this MPA vs. MS degree and the name brand factor. I'll also be attending part-time and working full time.

I appreciate any advice!

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I also got accepted to the Milano in Non-profit management, with a tuition scholarship. I can understand the decision being tough, since for me it is between Milano and GWU in DC. I have heard good things from other students who were former/current students. A student at GWU who used to live in NYC also told me she couldn't say anything bad about Milano, as they hosted some good events, and seemed like a good school, however, they lack the name recognition that other schools have. That's what I can add, and also are some of my concerns.

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