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Acdemic Dishonesty Record


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Hi guys. I am a rising senior and plan to apply for biostats programs. I had a so-called “moderate offense“ in my freshman year, due to incorrectly citing Wikipedia without appropriate references. I have concerns that wether it will harm my admission. So I emailed the dean and he said that since it a “reportable offense,” I should disclose it if a graduate school asks me.  But it is usually the case that only law schools and medical schools inquire about academic integrity violations, so I hence will likely not have to disclose the violation should you apply to graduate school. 

I also ask about this to a PhD student in Psychology, and he told me that he was not been ask any question about academic violence when he did his application. And he thinks it is a small miner even if I would be asked because the mistake came from my first semester, and it is just a moderate offense. 

Does anyone have experiences or ideas if grad school will ask about the academic violation? If I disclose it, how harmful would it be to my app?


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Most (if not all) of the applications I filled out asked about academic policy violations. There's typically a space to explain yourself if you check "yes", and it sounds like your violation wasn't of the degree it would prevent you from being accepted if you have an otherwise strong application. Be concise and honest. It will hurt you more in the long run if it's in your records and you don't disclose it.

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