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USC -- Annenberg MA

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I am waiting to hear back from Annenberg, too. I applied to two programs, and my interest in attending USC is... ELECTRIC.

According to their website, admissions are generally sent out in the last week of March. However, they might be dealing with more than usual this semester.

Just be patient. :D


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I have a friend who is waiting the answer from Annenberg MA Communication Managent. Anyone knows something!! She is desperate !!


Any information is helpfullll!!!!!!!!

Admission decisions are available.

Got My admit about 2 weeks ago.

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Several friends of mine have already got the admission of communication management program from Annenberg.

According to the last year's enrollment,i know some of the applicants received admission in June!

So no worry,there's still chance!!

plus,i am an international student:-)

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