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Hey all!

So, in the final semester of my master’s in linguistics, I heard about this SLP thing. I was also currently nannying for a two year old with a speech delay who was just beginning therapy. All this information collided into me going “Yes! THAT’s what I want to do: study early language development and brain development and trauma; diagnose; and treat language disorders.

But now I have an undergraduate degree in English and the general master’s in linguistics. How can I turn this into eligibility to apply for SLP licensure (and, obviously, gain the information about being an SLP that wasn’t included in my general linguistics course) in a way that won’t take two+ years?

Thoughts? Are there certifications that can like “round out” the linguistics degree? Can I take a few random course, like, “adding onto” the linguistics degree?

Thanks for your time and any thoughts/help.



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Hey LinguineLinguistics, sadly I don't think there's an ultra quick path from Ling MA to SLP MA/MS, because of the clinical-specific knowledge and experience you have to gain before licensure. Knowledge of linguistics definitely helps, but as far as I know, it can't really trim a 2-3 year program down much. That said, check out the Speech Path forum, bet they can provide more insight.

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