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I am hoping that I can get some feedback from people here regarding what to do...

I have been accepted into a few programs thus far, and waitlisted for some others.

I have applied to MA programs and have the ultimate goal of a PhD with a focus in ancient history.

1. I have been accepted to the University of Arizona, which has an ancient history MA through their classics department. They offered me a TA-ship, and a full waiver of all tuition and fees with a stipend of around $8000 an academic year.

2. I have been accepted to Tufts University for a classics MA. Tufts' grad program is not an independent grad program and is run in tandem with the undergrads. Tufts did not offer me a TA-ship, but did offer me a scholarship of about $18,500. This will end up leaving me with about 40% left of the tuition to still pay.

I live in the northeast, and for this reason Tufts would be far cheaper to move to, as well as being much closer to family and such.

I'm not awfully concerned about the money, but more-so on how PhD programs would view these two MAs. Is one far superior to the other?

Any advice, opinions or what have you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

BTW, I am waitlisted for the Classics MA at Tulane, and waitlisted for the PhD program at UNC-Chapel Hill. So feel free to toss in these possibilities into the equation.

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Hello, I'm in a similar situation (choosing between Tufts and UA, with funding offers similar to those of the OP).

I am interested to hear from anyone who has a sense of how these programs compare. I'm currently leaning towards Tufts, partly because I've already taken some classes there and know how the program works, but I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who has opinions on how the two are viewed by PhD programs (or anyone who could provide details about what the program at Arizona is like).

I would be happy to talk to the OP about my experience at Tufts if he/she wants to send me a PM.

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