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Unusual Situation ?

Rudra K

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I am first year Phd student in mechanical engineering. When I filled out my application for my program I identified 3 potential advisors  I wanted to work with, but unfortunately it was not mutual. I talked to each of them after I arrived on campus but they either say they cannot fund me or outright tell me they don't have open positions. I even had to contact  people outside my research interest with no luck, except for one professor whose research area I am not really sure I can work on for 5 years.  I am not sure how common my situation is and what people usually do in such a situation. Can I just transfer to another program and will other programs understand this mess?   This has really affected my performance since I started the program. I am having my first course exam in two weeks and feeling like you are not wanted really crushes my motivation. I still have the chance to drop out of the program without anything showing on my transcript. However, I am an international student, so dropping out would mean I have to go back and apply for a visa again which is not that easy in my country.

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