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Indiana SPEA vs. Michigan Ford

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I've been accepted to both programs. After MPA or MPP, I plan to move on to Ph.D.

I understand that the two programs are somewhat similar but different;

SPEA - strong for public administration(ranked in top level), especially in environmental policy.

Ford - good to build economic and quantitative background. strong in public policy analysis???

I am leaning towards SPEA because I like the weather there, and SPEA sounds good with the financial condition considering my funding sources - none.

But I can hardly decline Ford, because of my assumption that studying in Ford with economic/quantitative backgroud would support my progress to Ph.D program much easier.

what would you suggest?

would SPEA do a good job for me to move on to Ph.D program? would I be able to take enough economic and math courses there?

Almost a week left for me to decide, and still I do not know what to do.

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You don't mention what you want to do your Ph.D in. Public Policy? Why don't you just go straight for a Ph.D?

My impression of SPEA is that you are right and it's geared more toward creating government employees than policy analysts or academics. On the other hand, I recently spoke with someone who attended SPEA and is now getting his Ph.D (in Economics) at Michigan. SPEA's program has a decent amount of flexibility.

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