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Wondering about my chances of selection

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Hey everyone,

I am thinking of applying for graduate schools of Earth Sciences in the US. Here's a brief description of my profile:

Undergrad: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (5 yrs. Integrated Masters)
Major: Geology
GPA: 7.97/10 (Not great but shows a positive trend since the last 4 semesters)
Experience: 2 research internships (Both at reputed laboratories and with reputed supervisors) + an ongoing Master's dissertation. (No publications though!)
GRE: 170Q 160V 4.5 AWA
TOEFL: 108 (29R 29L 25S 25W)

Want to apply to:

Stanford Geological Sciences (I know it seems far fetched but research areas of potential supervisor(who also encouraged me to apply) match exactly with my interests and previous work, so gonna give it a shot)
WashU St. Louis EPS
University of Arizona LPL
Arizona State University SESE
UC Davis EPS
UC Berkeley EPS
Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology

Two things which I feel can obstruct my selection:

1) CGPA: 7.97/10 translates to roughly 3.4 on a 4 point scale. I had no interest in Earth Sciences whatsoever for the first 2 years of my undergrad. Started developing interest from the 5th semester onward and moved from 6.8(SGPA) in the 4th semester to 9.2(SGPA) in the 8th. I can mention this is my statement of purpose but I still feel that this might cost me somewhere.

2) No publications

Any ideas what my chances are? Also, any suggestions are most welcome. Thank you in advance. 

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