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I am in the process of applying to Masters in Biostatistics programs and would like some application advice/profile evaluation:


Undergrad Institution: one of the UC school (top 50)
Major: pharmacological chemistry 
GPA: 3.265

GRE: First attempt: Q: 160, V: 163, W: 4;  plan to retake it next month to improve math score. 


Relevant Courses: Calculus 1 (A), Calculus 2 (B-),  Vector Calculus 3(B+), Multi-variable Calculus (A), Linear Algebra(B), Introduction to Probability (B-), Intro Statistics (B), Mathematical Proofs (C),  Introduction to Analysis (A)
On-going: Applied linear algebra, Intro to Numerical Analysis, Intro to Computational Stat 

Skills: know some basics of R, Python and Matlab 

Research Experience: working for a bio lab on one year, doing basic wet lab work (pcr, staining, cell culture, mouse colony). Went to the other bio lab in school, stayed until now. Working on pretty much the same thing, without much related to biostatistics (data analysis or computation). 

Letters of recommendation: 
- School research Lab (biology-focus on neuro- degenerative disease) PI  - strong
- School research Lab PI(biology-focus on prion disease) - strong
School research Lab (biology-focus on prion disease) post-doc - strong


Concerns:  I had some bad grades in math courses and my quan section of the GRE was not that strong. But I might be able to improve the GRE quan in next time when I am taking it. Also my research experiences are not that related to biostatistics, but focus more on the biology aspects; have no papers or presentations, only participated in a small project. I am applying to a lot of schools because I am afraid I will not get into any because of my low GPA. Should I add one or more lower ranking school to my list? 

University of Florida 


University of North Carolina


University of Minnesota


Emory University


Brown University 


University of California, Los Angeles


University of California, San Diego


University of California, Davis 


University of Texas Health science center at Houston 



Rutgers University 


University of Texas MD Anderson 


Tulane University 


Washington University in St. Louis 


Thanks in advance for your help!

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